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SCL Warranty & Insurance

Learn about our product warranty and insurance coverage for a worry-free experience

Warranty Clause

SCL guarantees its products for 15 years from the date of billing against any Colour Fading leading to loss of surface luster and consequent reduction in aesthetic appeal, and, for 10 years from the date of billing, against any manufacturing defect that may lead to the functional impairment or mechanical/ functional failure of the particular product.

This warranty does not cover the breakage/ functional impairment/mechanical and/or functional failure/visual aberration/surface degeneration occurring due to any of the following causes:

  • In-Transit damage/theft/pilfer ge/spoilage due to man-made or any natural calamity or an Act of God, during shipping from SCL Warehouse to Customer Delivery Address. (Please refer to Insurance Section, below.)
  • Improper Storage of the product at customer site or customer’s customer site, down the line. (Please refer to Storage Recommendations, below.)
  • Theft or pilferage by person(s) with malicious/malafide intent at the customer’s site or the customer’s customer site or at the point of installation.
  • Misuse/Abuse of the Product in any way, by person(s) with malicious/mala-fide intent or unintentionally, at the customer’s site or the customer’s customer site or at the point of installation.
  • Any damage/deteriorati n/degeneration/ functional and/or Mechanical failure of the product, at the customer’s site or customer’s customer site or at the point of installation of the product, arising due to the occurrence of Fire, Floods, Riots, or any Natural or man made calamity or Act of God.
  • Installing/using the product in environmental conditions not conducive and not according to those specified for that product.
  • Installing/using the product in places that demand higher specifications or installing/using the product in conditions/situations beyond the specified capacities of the product
  • Tampering in any way with the product without prior notice to us, and, our prior written consent.
  • Using with any third party and non specified products or using any spares or tools, on our products, from a third party  without our prior written consent.
  • Any degeneration/deteri ration/Mechanical or Functional impairment or failure occurring due to improper maintenance like using the product in or with dust/debris/ abrasive/ chemical presence either on or near the product. (Please refer to note on maintenance below.)

Insurance Claims

  • All goods dispatched from our Warehouse at Sikandrabad, U.P, are insured for InTransit damage.
  • It is strongly recommended that the customer visually inspect the goods, on receipt, to check for external and superficial damage.
  • In case any such superficial damage of the packaging is noticed on arrival, we request the customer to take photographs of the same, and, prepare a report to this effect before signing on the papers of the transporter as having been received the goods from the transporter and make a assessment of the loss caused to goods in transit and raise a claim on the transporter within three days under intimation to SCL.

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